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Building a House

Building Permits

A building permit is required for the following:

- New construction
- Addition to building or structure
- Alteration of a structure or building
- Movement of a structure or building from one location to another
- Removal of a building or structure

Building Permits

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A building is defined as: any structure for the shelter, support or enclosure of persons, animals, chattels or property of any kind, and when separated by common, shared walls without openings, each portion of such building so separated shall be deemed a separate building. 

A structure is defined as: anything constructed or erected, the use of, which requires location on the ground or that it be attached to something having a location on the ground but not including utility lines and their normal accessory equipment excluding sidewalks, and driveways that conform to zoning regulations.  

Building permits can be downloaded here or picked up at the Platte City Office.

Building permits and site plans must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator and approved before any construction or alterations begin.

All setback and zoning requirements can be obtained from the Zoning Administrator.

If a variance or conditional use permit is required, an application must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator.

Zoning Administrator

Shauna Meyerink
310 South Main
PO Box 236
Platte, SD 57369
(605) 337-3921  

Site Plan
The site plan is one of the most important aspects of a building permit application.  A site plan should show both existing and proposed features of the property. 

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