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A. Support development of workforce and talent acquisition.

B. Maintaining and strengthening our existing business ( retail, wholesale, agriculture, service, and manufacturing); through training, connections to financial assistance, and business planning.

C. Preserving and improving our community’s high quality of life.

Board of Directors

The Platte Development Corporation has a Board of Directors. The officers being a President, Vice President, and Secretary.


The Executive Committee consists of Officers of the Corporation. The board is responsible for hiring an Executive Director and staff that will handle day-to-day responsibilities, maintains the properties of the corporation, and carries out the corporation’s goals and policies.

Any community member can apply for a seat on the board. An election of new board members is held each year.

President: Dennis VanderWerff

Vice President: Cordell Muilenburg

Secretary: Janet Tegethoff

Director: Kurt Vanderboom

Director: Cole Anderson

Director: Jill Moret

Director: Tait Sibbel

Director: Whitney DeHaan

Executive Director: Colette Mesman

Assistant Director: Brittney Veurink



Join us in our efforts to raise funds for the completion of additional dredging on the eastern side of Lake Platte. This initiative aims to clean the sediment between the creek and hole number 1 of Lake Platte Golf Course, enhancing the lake’s ecosystem and creating a favorable habitat for fish. With your generous contribution, we can ensure that Lake Platte is restored to its full potential, allowing for year-round recreational activities. Together, let’s make it a reality and remember, “It’s Possible in Platte.”


Ways to donate to the Platte Restoration Project:

Drop off cash or check or mail to Platte Development Corp. Office at 512 S Main Ave, Platte, SD 57369

Go to

Donate grain at Platte Farmers Elevator, Geddes Farmers Elevator & Viterra (formerly Gavilon). You will get a grain donation receipt suitable for your accountant, crop insurance agent and the FSA office. When you are at the elevator just let them know the grain has been donated to the PDC. They have the directive on file to sell for us. 
If you have to withdraw from your IRA at the end of the year, your financial advisor can set it up to be sent directly to the Platte Development Corporation – Lake Platte Restoration. Please discuss the benefits of this with your financial advisor.


Buy a ticket today!

With your assistance we can steadily continue the development of housing opportunities, supporting the expansion of local businesses, and offering possibilities of commercial growth in Platte. 


Platte Development Corporation

PDC Scholarshp

Applications must be submitted by April 30th.

You can submit them to your guidance counselor or personally deliver them to the Platte Development Office, which is one in the same with the Platte Area Chamber of Commerce Office.

512 S Main St. – Platte, SD – 57369

605-337-2275 –

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