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Abstract Water

Water and Sewer

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your water bill, please contact the City Office at

(605) 337-3921.

Water/Sewer bills are distributed monthly and are to be paid in full by the 15th of each month. After the 15th of the month, a $10 late fee will be accessed. Consumers with a delinquent balance may be disconnected, according to the 2008 Municipal Ordinance.

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Water/Sewer Service or Disconnect

Applying For Service
Application for service must be completed

Deposit Fees
Homeowner – $100.00
Renter – $150.00
Connection Fee – $25.00

Deposit will be returned when:

Account is PAID IN FULL

Deposit will only be returned to person who signed for the water deposit



Payment Options
The City of Platte accepts cash, check, money order and automatic bill pay as payment methods. Credit cards are not accepted by the City at this time.

 In Person
Payment may be brought to the City Office Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or placed in the drop box on the outside of the building.

City of Platte
PO Box 236
Platte, SD 57369

  Automatic Payment Plan 
Water/sewer bills may be paid through an automatic debiting of your checking or savings account. To enroll in the automatic bill payment program, return an authorization form along with a voided check. An authorization form can be picked up at the City Office.  Draft payments are processed on the 10th of each month.


Water and Sewer

Basic rate to have water & sewer service each month

One time Surcharge- per account $15.25

Sewer base rates are as follows:

Residential – Single Family      $27.00 Base

Residential – Multiple Occupancy  

$37.00 Base

Commercial                              $27.00 Base

Commercial/Industrial –
High Volume Sewer Usage
     $37.00 Base

Sewer Only – Outside City Limits

$37.00 Base

Health Care –

$85.75 Base

Water rates are as follows:
Residential Water Rate                  $21.85 Base

Water Only Inside City                 $21.85 Base

Commercial Water Rate                $21.85 Base

Multiple Use Dwellings                  $21.85 Base
Water Only Outside City                $21.85 Base

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